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4th July, 2014.

To all whom it doesn't concern,

Welp, it's been a while since I wrote a journal on here. So much for the once-a-week thing, but I guess with all the things that I've had going on it makes sense that I'd feel pretty busy...

just noticed it's independence day but i'm british so no fireworks for me

I've been volunteering at a school in the Drama department for the past month at least, so I've had my hands tied for time, but it's been a great experience - I was able to help out choreographing for their school show, which was a fantastic opportunity and definitely something for my future portfolio :D

I've also gotten pretty good grades at Uni, including a 1st for an essay on Pinter's 'The Homecoming' and 'Mountain Language' which was a fantastic surprise; I don't generally find that I can work hard enough to manage grades like that, so knowing I CAN do it is a real boost to my confidence :D

Current Work

Cafe Deluge Chapter 2 is nearly finished, after MANY attempts to get it right, so that will be up in the next 2 weeks or so. It's been an interesting challenge to find the right scene to write at this point, considering its developments in 'It Only Rains.' IOR is a joint work with Cafe Deluge, so my girlfriend and I have been writing them in as much tandem and with as much plot continuity as possible.

The Clockwork Vista is on hold for now as much as possible to make space for Cafe Deluge and my other projects, considering the fact that I at least have quite a bit of the plot planned out in my head. I need to jot it down, but I haven't done that with this story yet; that, again, will be on hold until I at least have the others written down a bit more definitively.

In other news, a friend and I have already started planning a play that I'll be writing for performance in our third year, based on the theatre styles used by Kneehigh Theatre Company, which will hopefully be fantastic. The set could be interesting - such as a bookcase with stairs attached to the back - but the space we'll get to use isn't necessarily the most fantastic theatre space. Ah, well. I'll have to adapt my plans for the staging, but it's looking like it'll be fun at least.

Anyways, that play may eventually be put up here after its performance - whether as a video of the performance or a text Deviation of the script - so hopefully more people than just its audience can enjoy it. Who knows, I may be able to add it to my portfolio for getting script work in the future...

So, what else?

I've been very busy since last I posted on here; I've managed to become a part of my Uni's 'Anime and Manga Society' committee for next year, running a manga session each week. *crosses fingers* That, of course, means I've been reading a lot of manga, as well as catching up on some anime - namely Mekakucity Actors, and anyone who knows the series may suddenly understand the title - so my activity in free time has suddenly become my work time, which is kinda great :D On that theme, I've started up a Tumblr that'll become both my random musings on things and a way for me to note my thoughts and views on different manga/anime.

I've also been writing a personal project that I won't be posting up on here; it's a plan for a potential musical, which hopefully I'll manage to script out relatively quickly now that I've got a plot summary typed out and ready. Just some minor tweaks to who sings what and which scenes go where, potentially, and then it'll be done, so I'm very excited about it. Stories never form themselves as fast as this did or as FULLY as this did in my head, so it's been a wonderful thing to work on so far :D

Until next week,
- Angel

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As a writer, who wouldn't be interested in an offer like that?

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- Angel
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Sounds good. If it's okay, I'd like you to comment/critique on this;
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Send me your link when you can :)

- Angel
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